FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION

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The simplest solution since benchtop machines have been available - just set up, plug in and start marking

Product details

The fully electrically operated benchtop marking system FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION impresses with its simple handling: Set up. Plug in. Start marking!

The FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION is equipped with a very user-friendly interface and has a large marking field of 120 x 100 mm. Due to its integrated control, the benchtop marking device as an all-in-one system is the ideal partner for your workshop. Its high-quality guide system gives it maximum stability and ensures high marking quality. The system is rounded up by its attractive price-performance ratio.


  • ALL-IN-ONE system with integrated control and operation via USB keyboard or capacitive touch screen (optional)
  • Fast and permanent marking per button click
  • Rocker lever function for quick component change and height adjustment


  • No compressed air cable is needed, because of electromagnetic needle drive
  • Clear and intuitive operating software for easy handling
  • Practical preview function of the later marking


  • High-quality guide system for maximum stability
  • Double-guided linear guides in X and Y direction for distortion-free, multi-line markings without loss of quality
  • Powerful processor technology


Discover our FlyMarker mini 120/100 STATION
(Touch version) in 3D

Marking area (x/y): 120 x 100 mm

Available character heights: 1,0 to 99,9 mm

Fonts: Medium spaced lettering similar to DIN 1451 in single dot characters (size 5 x 7 or 9 x 13)

Drive of the marking pin: Electromagnetic

Available characters: Numbers 0 - 9, capital letters / small letters A - Z; a - z various punctuation marks. , / etc.

Interface: USB-A, Ethernet

Height tolerance compensation: Up to max. 5 mm (constant marking depth also on uneven surfaces)

Marking force: 30 possible force settings(constant impact performance through the complete battery runtime)

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